Item Upgrade

There will be no increased item upgrades this week, as there are a lot of blessed jewells.

Celestial Tower


  • Monsters inside Celestial Tower have been updated, increased stats, experience, and adena drop

Raid Bosses

The following bosses have been adjusted

  • Epic Bosses (Increased HP)
  • Chaotic Bosses (Increased HP)
  • Priest Bosses (Increased HP)
  • Darion (Decreased HP)
  • Antharas (Increased P. Def / M. Def, Updated drop list)

Class Balance


  • Titan (Increased PVP Damage)
  • Dreadnaught (Increased PVP Damage)
  • Fortune Seeker (Increased PVP Damage)
  • Maestro (Increased PVP Damage)
  • Doombringer (Increased PVP Damage)
  • Grand Khavatari (Increased PVP Damage)
  • Duelist (Increased PVP Damage)
  • Death Knight (Increased PVP Damage)



  • Amount of items that can be added to Mass Enchant have been increased