Update #29

Update #29

Item Upgrade

Heavenly Talisman can now be turned into Blessed Heavenly Talisman through Special Craft

Aden's Transcendent Soul Crystal - Weapon  Compound limit removed

Aden's Transcendent Soul Crystal - Armor Compound limit removed


A new lootbox has been added to the game.

Bobr Chest A Price: 70 L-Coins
Daily Purchase Limit: No Limit

Bobr Chest B Price: 300'000 Adena
Daily Purchase Limit: No Limit

Upon opening the Bobr Chest one of the following items will be acquired:



 120'000 L-Coins. Have been reset

Bobr Chest B Bundle has been added to L2Store, received amount of lootboxes has been increased to 10'000 lootboxes per bundle.

Bobr Chest Bundle Price: 3.99$
Account Purchase Limit: 5
Amount of Chests inside of 1 Bundle: 10'000

120'000 L-Coin Price: 2.99$
Account Purchase Limit: 10




  • Level 92 Group Dungeon can now be entered with 2 people