L2Eigis - The Road to Crusade
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New Lineage 2 private servers

Embark on a journey you've never experienced before.
The Road To Crusade.

Opening Oct 21st

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About Us
Endless Battles That WillTake Your Breath Away

Thrilling battles to stop forces that threaten the world and battles in which you fight against other Adventurers. Lead winning battles to win your group their fame and get your hands on a great amount of wealth.

  • Stability and Security
    Stability and Security Play without lag and with complete security
  • Weekly Updates
    Weekly Updates New weekly surprises and updates that awaits you
  • Free Daily Gifts
    Long Term Project We have proved a long-term uptime and will continue to do so
Beginning of the AdventureYou've Always Wanted
  • Modern x1 Rates Modern x1 Rates
  • In-game Auction House In-game Auction House
  • Modern Epic Raid Bosses Modern Epic Raid Bosses
  • Revamped Leveling Zones Revamped Leveling Zones
  • Dungeons & Instances Dungeons & Instances
Modern x1 Rates

Modern low-rate experience gameplay. With re-worked experience table at 90+ , to go beyond the unimaginable. Our focus is to take long-term game play to beyond the essence experience.

In-game Auction House

Buy & Sell items within our in-game auction house for game balance currencies (L2Store USD).

Modern Epic Raid Bosses

Our raid bosses are designed to be played with teamwork and strong communications. We have incorporated very unique mechanics to our new epic raids to take epic PvPs and raiding to a whole new level of experience. It is no longer just hitting a target and dealing damage. Not only they are equipped with skills, but their minions are also dangerous and vicious that you cannot ignore!

Revamped Leveling Zones

New unique zones have been added to the game play, due to the vast population of our project, we want to introduce new leveling environments and experiences for our players. Be ready to embark on this journey!

Dungeons & Instances

In order to make PVE gameplay more interesting, we are adding a lot of new dungeons. This will help all the players to improve their character by defeating dungeons and the monsters inside it.

All the Crusader features for you to learn
  • Improved Graphics & New User Interface (UI)

    Graphics and User Interface have been improved especially with the new Tower of Insolence, and UI is more pleasant to you eyes.

  • Bigger End-Game (New Items/Locations)

    A lot of new items have been added, meaning that it will take more time to reach end-game. New High-Level locations added.

  • Class Balance (new skills)

    Forgotten classes have been re-worked and received new skills, as well as 4* skills, to make them more interesting and powerful!

  • Better Optimized Client

    Crusader client re-worked most of it's code, and has a much better optimized client compared to the previous Client - Vanguard.

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