Character Progression


Our goal is to make sure all players are able to progress in our server just by playing the game. That is why our project is leading the idea of having certain limitations on enchant of the items. As the server is progressing, such limits are being slowly increased, and new items added, making sure that players are moving forward step by step.

Behemoth Doll can also be obtained by killing monsters in Special Hunting Zone Antharas Lair. Upon slaying monsters, you will receive Monster's Energy which can then be used in Special Craft, to craft Behemoth Doll

Glakias Doll can also be obtained by killing monsters in Special Hunting Zone Frost Lord. Upon slaying monsters, you will receive Ruler's Crystal which can then be used in Special Craft, to craft Glakias Doll

Andreas Van Halter Doll can also be obtained by killing monsters in Special Hunting Zone Pagans Temple. Upon slaying monsters, you will receive Essence of Aden which can then be used in Special Craft, to craft Andreas Van Halter Doll

L-Coins and Ressurection Coins are mainly obtained by slaying monsters, and eliminating other players in PVP. Both coins have 20 second drop cooldown after killing either a monster, or another player in PVP. There is also a daily limit on how many L-Coins you can farm a day, which takes 12 hours of farming. Based on the limit of resurrection coins you can farm daily, you can resurrect your character for free 108 times a day.

Ressurection in Raid Boss area costs 50% less coins.

Character Level L-Coins received L-Coin Daily Limit Resurrection Coins received
1 - 79 16 34,560 4
80 18 38,880 4
81 20 43,200 4
82 22 47,520 4
83 24 51,840 4
84 26 56,160 4
85 28 60,480 4
86 30 64,800 4
87 32 69,120 4
88 34 73,440 4
89 36 77,760 4
90 40 86,400 4
91 43 92,880 4
92 46 99,360 4
93 49 105,840 4
94 52 112,320 4
95 55 118,800 4

Party Bonus

Essence is more designed for Solo gameplay, and that's okay. But a lot of players also want to play in a party, which unfortunately is not a good idea originally. Because of that we have increased acquired experience in party:

Party Member Amount Party Bonus
1 N/A
2 N/A
3 25%
4 35%
5 40%

Also, your party will have even more party bonuses if you have support classes in your party!

  • If a party is made of 5 members, then a party can receive additional EXP Bonus for maximum of 2 Supports
  • If your party is made of 4 Members, support bonus does not apply
  • If your party is made of 5 members, and has only 1 support, then bonus for 1 support is applied
  • If your party is made of 5 members, and has 2 supports, bonus for 2 supports is applied
  • If your party is made of 5 members, and has 3 supports, bonus for only 2 supports is applied
  • Bonus for each support in party = additional 7.5% bonus (For example: Party of 5 members with 2 Supports = 55% EXP Bonus instead of 40% EXP Bonus)

Following classes count as support: Bishop, Cardinal, Elven Elder, Eva's Saint, Shillien Elder, Shillien Saint, Paladin, Phoenix Knight, Dark Avenger, Hell Knight, Temple KnightEva's Templar, Shillien Knight, Shillien Templar.

Quest Line

Not so long ago, progress of your character has increased dramatically due to updated quest line. Most competetive players reach level 80 just in 24 Hours, something that before used to take a week, or even longer. Not only in current Essence Patch you rush through levels very fast, but certain items lost its value also, such as A-Grade items. Our project does not like such concept, and idea of rushing through all the hunting grounds, to later end up in Xilenos Fortress and sit there for months in one spot, bored of your surroundings and environment. This is why:

Quest Line will end at Cemetary, meaning that quests after Cemetary have been removed from the game, and you as a player are free to choose what you do next.

  • Amount of monsters in questing areas up to (40 Level) have been increased
  • Amount of monsters you need to kill, to complete the quest up to (45 Level) have been increased
  • Removed the following rewards from the Ruins of Agony quest: Talisman of Speed / Talisman of Eva / Talisman of Authority
  • Quest items are shared with party members

Offline Hunting

What is Offline Hunting? Such feature has been added to our server, that allows our players to keep their character in game if you get disconnected from the game, or your client closed due to error. It is also suitable for players who canno't keep their computer device running all the time, and prefer to turn it off.

How does it work?

  • To activate this function, you must have Offline Farm Rune (Can be purchased in L2Store)
  • Type command ".offline auto" in the game chat, enable/disable message will appear in chat
  • You must be in auto-hunting mode
  • When all conditions are met, if you get disconnected, your character will remain in the game
  • If you wish to enable offline hunting mode, you need to type the following command ".offline"
  • ".offline" command will immediately disconnect you from your account, but your character will remain in the game

Note: If you try to enter the game with another character, first character will be disconnected from the server. Also in case of server restart, the character will also be disconnected from the game, and you will need to manually enter the game.


Premium Account


Premium Account can be activated by purchasing Premium Account Coupon from L2Store and double-clicking the coupon. The coupon can be bought maximum 3 times a month from one account, and it is also tradeable.

Premium Account provides the following:

  • XP/SP +15%
  • Sayha's Grace XP +15%
  • Limited Sayha's Grace XP +15%
  • Adena Drop Amount +30%
  • Adena Drop Chance 70% 100%
  • Drop Rate +20%
  • Spoil Rate +20%
  • L-Coin Drop Count +3
  • Resurrection Coin Drop Count +1
  • XP Lost on Death -50%
  • Resurrection w/o penalty cost -50%
  • Random craft points from herbs +50%
  • Activates daily login bonus


VIP System


VIP Level increases automatically as you spend in-game balance in L2Store. As you increase your VIP Level you receive certain bonuses. These bonuses have been re-worked, in order to not create disbalance between players, as VIP only provides small PVE bonuses. VIP Level never goes down.

VIP Level Bonus received
1 +5% XP/SP
2 +10% XP/SP
+1% PVE Damage
3 +10% XP/SP
+1.5% PVE Damage
4 +15% XP/SP
+2% PVE Damage
5 +15% XP/SP
+2.5% PVE Damage
6 +20% XP/SP
+3% PVE Damage
7 +20% XP/SP
+4% PVE Damage
8 +25% XP/SP
+5% PVE Damage
9 +25% XP/SP
+6% PVE Damage
10 +30% XP/SP
+7% PVE Damage


World Trade

World Trade has been added to the server, an improved version of balance shop. In addition to being able to sell items, you can also set up a 'Buy Order', which allows you to automatically buy items from players at your desired price.



Olympiad arena is open on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays 19:00 server time, until 20:00 server time. Hero can be claimed on Sunday 12:00 server time.

Details: Olympiad is made of 3 rounds, and to win the fight you must win 2 out of 3 rounds. To win a round you must either kill your opponent, or deal more damage at the end of the round. 

Round #1 Round #2 Round #3
Both opponents are with full HP/CP/MP A fighter who wins the first round, begins the 2nd round with HP/CP/MP amount that he ended previous round.

A fighter who looses the first round, begins 2nd round with 90% of his total HP/CP/MP
If during the match, one fighter wins both 1st & 2nd rounds, the olympiad match is over.

If after 2 rounds, the match score is 1 / 1, both opponents begin the 3rd round with full HP/CP/MP recovered.


Sealed Rare Accessories


Sealed Rare Accessories can be obtained through events, and Ancient Adena shop. They can also now be transformed into Scroll: Enchant Sealed Rare Accessory via Game Assistant. 

Why? Such feature has been added to our server, to give players a chance to enchant Rare Accessories, without having to step outside their comfort zone. Simply by playing the game, you can collect Ancient Adena, and buy Sealed Rare Accessories, or obtain them through events. Then you can also transform them to Scroll: Enchant Sealed Rare Accessory, and enchant your epics.

Rare Accessory Chance of receiving Scroll: Enchant Sealed Rare Accessory
Baium's Ring (Sealed)  100%
Frintezza's Necklace (Sealed)  100%
Beleth' Ring (Sealed)  100%
Zaken's Earring (Sealed)  80%
Orfen's Earring (Sealed)  50%
Queen Ant's Ring (Sealed)  50%
Ring of Core (Sealed)  20%


Quality of Life


 All Coupons can now be simply right-clicked, where you can choose the items you wish to receive for your coupon.

Dye Enhancer dropping from monsters.


Experience Table


 Experience Table has been re-worked, making certain levels possible to reach, and what we believe makes more sense, rather than being stuck for ever at level 90.

The following experience table shows how much experience a character needs, to reach certain level.

Level Old Experience Table New Experience Table
90 3,775,890,740,522 Untouched
91 14,351,742,621,463 12,875,890,740,622
92 60,885,490,897,603 42,875,890,740,622
93 265,633,983,312,619 102,875,890,740,622
94 1,166,527,349,938,690 502,875,890,740,622
95 5,130,458,163,093,410 1,002,875,890,740,622
96 28,914,043,042,021,700 2,502,875,890,740,622
97 143,075,250,460,878,000 5,002,875,890,740,622
98 691,049,046,071,486,000 7,502,875,890,740,622
99 3,321,323,265,001,830,000 15,002,875,890,740,622


Inventory Item Search

Inventory Item Search has been added to the server, allowing you to easily find the items you are looking for.















Augmenting Items

Item augmentation has been updated, to make your quality of life better. Not only you can enable Automatic Augmentation, but also when augmenting your items, your current augmentation effect does not dissapear. When applying a new augmentation, you are provided with a choice, whether you want to keep your current effect, or apply the new effect.

Automatic Augmentation allows you to select all the effects you wish to find. Then when you start augmenting, it will continue until one of the selected effects is found. As soon as one of the effects from your list is found, the automatic process will end, providing you with a choice whether you wish to apply the new effect, or keep the current one.



Pets have been removed from the game, including ranking of the pets.

Keber has been disabled from the game, and will be enabled back again in the later stage

L-Coin Shop has been adjusted, added Event Medal shop

Overhit extra experience acquired has been disabled