Update #13

Update #13

Item Upgrade

Ruby has been added to special craft, can be compounded up to lv. 6

Diamond has been added to special craft, can be compounded up to lv. 6

Egg Agathion has been added to special craft


The amount of lootboxes you can buy daily has been increased, and the price has changed. From now it will cost less L-coins, but you can buy x2 amount than previously, meaning more boost. Whereas for adena, it will cost more adena, since the price hasn't changed from server start it needed to be updated, and now you can buy more lootboxes, which means boosting your character for adena. Also the amount of Lootboxes you receive from bundles were increased.

Previous lootboxes were removed from the game, and their bundles removed from L2Store.

Knightmare Chest A Price: 70 L-Coins
Daily Purchase Limit: 700 Chests per account

Knightmare Chest B Price: 150'000 Adena
Daily Purchase Limit: 1500 Chests per account

Upon opening the Knightmare Chest one of the following items will be acquired:


Knightmare Chest bundles were added to the game

L-16000 box has been updated, increased the amount of received L-Coins 16000 → 24'000

L-4000 box has been updated, increased the amount of received L-Coins 4000 → 6000

24'000 L-Coins were reset, meaning you can purchase them again.

Knightmare Chest Bundle Price: 3.99$
Account Purchase Limit: 5
Amount of Chests inside of 1 Bundle: 750

24'000 L-Coin Price: 2.99$
Account Purchase Limit: 10

L-Coin drop

The amount of L-Coins you drop from monsters from Lv. 90 has been increased

Level Before After
90 40 45
91 43 60
92 46 75
93 49 90
94 52 105
95 55 120


We have further improved the event, added the following rewards:

Yogi Weapon Enchant Reward
+10 6'000 L-Coins
+11 13'000 L-Coins
+12 35'000 L-Coins
+13 96'000 L-Coins
+14 260'000 L-Coins

Hunting Grounds

We have added a new hunting ground, Bloody Swampland, teleport from Dark Elf Village. The area is large, and it will be a copy of
Fairy-invaded lands as you now know it. The problem we saw before is that Fairy-invaded lands was a next step for our players, but since the hunting ground was so small, only top players were able to farm there. Because of that we have added a new large hunting ground, that will replace Fairy-invaded lands. BUT the Fairy-invaded lands. itself, were updated too, monsters are stronger and drop-list adjusted. Also only 20% of vampiric works on monsters in Fairy-invaded lands.

Bloody Swampland

Hunting Ground Adjustments

Our team is really against updating monsters for many reasons. Previously as the server progressed we used to also update hunting grounds, to remove one-shot fiesta. As the time goes by, a monster that was challenging one month ago, might die from 2 attacks now due to character progression. Because of that we used to update most hunting grounds as time passed by. This is mostly good for old players, but it does no good to weaker players, or simply players who are not playing for such a long time as them. Also it just makes the world feel unreal when you recycle hunting zones, it's like okay i have already suffered the difficulty of farming in this hunting ground, and i would like to move on to another area since it's too easy here. Recycling hunting grounds is an easy way out, improving them for older players, but what happens to a new player? A player who just joined the server, and in some time finally reached Lv. 90 and can go to Xilenos Fortress, and get one shotted by a monster, simply because monsters here were updated for old players. 

Antharas Lair (Special Hunting Ground)

We have added a 3rd difficulty level of monsters. When you enter, speak with NPC Tarr who can teleport you there.

Azkaban Temple (Special Hunting Ground)

Lv. 92 monsters (Tantar Lizardmen clan) have been updated, and monster density increased. Only 20% of vampiric works on monsters. 

Pagan's Temple & Kelbim Fortress (Special Hunting Ground)

Monsters in higher areas have been adjusted, monster stats increased. Only 30% of vampiric works on monsters. 

Group Dungeon

Lv. 90 group dungeon has been slightly adjusted. Monsters appearing inside rooms, and Tisha Guards received slightly more HP.

A new Lv. 91 group dungeon has been added. Together with the dungeon, a new daily mission was added that can be completed by defeating the final boss.

Random Craft

Random Craft has been updated, the following items were added

  • Rare Accessories (slightly improved chance)
  • Breastplate of Protection
  • Gaiters of Protection
  • Leather Armor of Protection
  • Leather Leggings of Protection
  • Tunic of Protection
  • Stockings of Protection
  • Gloves of Protection
  • Boots of Protection
  • Helmet of Protection

World Bosses

Starting this Friday, the gate will open in Giran Town at 19:30 server time, that will teleport brave warriors to fight the world bosses. World Bosses will appear Monday to Friday, every day a different boss. There have been 3 new missions added connected to those bosses. Because a boss only spawns once a week, instead of creating an individual missions for each boss, we have connected a few of them, to make sure players have a 2nd chance to complete the mission, if for any reason they were not able to participate. 

Defeat Devourer Boss (Weekly Mission) Can be completed by participating in the defeat of either Knightmare or Doc Oc boss that appear Monday and Tuesday.
Defeat Elder Boss (Weekly Mission) Can be completed by participating in the defeat of either Ramshorn or Ancient Snake boss that appear Wednesday and Thursday.
Defeat Umaga (Weekly Mission) Can be completed by participating in the defeat of Umaga boss that appears on Friday.

For the first two missions you only need to participate in either boss to be able to claim the mission reward. Also the mission rewards can be claimed only by Lv. 90 characters.

Skill Changes

All debuffs have a minimum landing rate of 20%, now such feature has been further improved, by seperating single-target debuffs and AOE debuffs. Single target debuffs will remain to have a minimal landing rate of 20%, whereas AOE debuffs will now have a minimum landing rate of 10%.

[Shillien Templar] Shillien's Curse Has been fixed, PVP debuff didnt land on the target previously if the skill was used against only one target.

[Tanks] Chain Strike Had increased landing rate from previous season, therefore success chance for Chain Strike has been reduced.

[Duelist] Blade Wave Had a bug, when attacking a boss, cooldown was bigger than usual (fixed).



  • Removed the limit how many Random Craft stones you can buy in L-Coin shop for adena
  • Removed the limit how many Aden Purge Crystals you can buy in L-Coin shop for adena
  • Attendance check has been updated
  • Rewards for Mission levels were updated
  • Increased the chance to receive 1000 Giran Seals, from Giran Seal Pack by x2
  • Kelbim Doll didn't give Gear Score (Fixed)
  • Cardinal / Shillien Saint / Eva's Saint Pve damage slightly increased
  • Watermelon Seed removed from the game
  • Kelbim / Pagan's can only be extended by 20 hours now
  • New price for Talisman Bracelets, Agathion Bracelet, Brooch will remain