Update #14

Update #14

Item Upgrade

Jewels can now be compounded to lv. 7

Venir can now be compounded to lv. 30



Yogi Event will end, the npc will remain in town so you can finish enchanting weapons that you already own, and exchange them. But he will no longer sell his weapons, and also Yogi weapons will be removed from L-Coin shop.

A new event will begin of Match Girls. From now on killing monsters, every 60 seconds you will receive Cooking Ingredients and a daily limit you can farm is 600. Speak with Older Sister in Giran Town, and ask her to cook your ingredients for you. Later you can speak to Younger Sister to exchange Very Delicious Dish to Match Girl's Gift Pouch

Cooking Ingredient used for crafting Dish


Regular Dish can be used as a buff, and also can be exchanged to Very Delicious Dish in Special Craft


Very Delicious Dish used to exchange for Match Girl's Gift


Match Girl's Gift receive gifts upon opening the pouch


Talisman of Baium

Enchanting Rates have been adjusted

Enchant Value Before After
+4 → +5 5% 20%
+5 → +6 N/A 20%
+6 → +7 N/A 15%
+7 → +8 N/A 15%
+8 → +9 N/A 15%
+9 → +10 N/A 15%



  • Fixed Kelbim Doll compound
  • Fixed Ferion's Necklace debuff trigger