Update #12

Update #12

Item Upgrade

Piercing Mask can now be enchanted to +6  → +8

Agathions can now be enchanted to +8  → +9

Talisman Bracelet can now be compounded to Lv. 6 → Lv. 7

Agathion Bracelet can now be compounded to Lv. 6 → Lv. 7

Brooch can now be compounded to Lv. 6 → Lv. 7


Monsters will no longer drop Watermelon Seeds upon dying, but you can still excahnge them in Special Craft and plant watermelons. Watermelon Seeds will be deleted from the game in the next update (02/02/2024).

A new event begins. Master Yogi has arrived to Giran Town, speak to him and purchase his weapon to enchant it and receive rewards! The current event is expensive if you wish to enchant a lot of weapons, but we have also added a limited amount of weapons that you can buy a day for a very cheap price, that will mostly help players that are behind. The rewards containt high-grade items but also L-Coins if you wish to focus on your inner boost instead. More information is shown in the tables below:

Yogi's Weapon Price Price Daily purchase limit
From NPC 5'500'000 Adena No Limit
L-Coin Shop (Events) 2'000'000 Adena 15 / day


Enchant Value Rewards
+10 Improved Scroll: Enchant Armor A-Grade
+11 Improved Scroll: Enchant Weapon A-Grade
+12 1* Spellbook Coupon (3pcs)
+12 Elixir (1 pcs)
+13 Package: +9 Ring of Insolence (Sealed)
+13 Package: +9 Dragon Valley Earing (Sealed)
+14 2* Spellbook Coupon (6 pcs)
+14 Special Giran Seal (1 pcs)
+15 750'000 L-Coins
+16 Scroll: Enchant Sealed Rare Accessories (Sealed)
+17 Dye Expansion
+18 4* Spellbook Coupon

 Special Giran Seal can be exchanged to sealed rare accessories

Special Craft


  • Increased the chance to craft Hunter's Earring for Tantar crystal
  • Added Aztacan's Earring craft
  • Added Kelbim Doll craft



Thanks to your suggestions, we have added an interface that will show a timer when Hellgates are active, and how much time is left until the end. We completely agree with you, that it will be a great improvement for those who are not always staring at the computer screen, and even if they missed the announcement of Hellgate breach, they will now be able to see it when it's active.

Also, Demon General Hellhorn, and Demon Commander Axehel will now also breach the gates after 1000 demons are slayed during the hellgate breach. Defeating them there is a chance to drop some nice items, and also the party that deals the final blow to either of them, every party member will receive 200 Demon Souls each. If they are not defeated when the gates are closed, they will be sent back to hell.


Boss Update

The following bosses have been updated, their stats increased and drop-list also slightly improved:

  • Elmoraden Lady
  • Crow (Roaming boss in Monastery of Silence)
  • Inspector (Roaming boss in Dragon Valley east)
  • Gustav (P. Def slighly reduced)

Also there was an update for bigwar bosses. A Command Channel that has looting rights over a boss (can pick-up drop), every command channel member who is next to the boss when it dies, will receive Liberty Fragments. In case of free-farm situation, such update will most likely be removed, or liberty fragment reward reduced. 

Boss Liberty Fragments
Priest Bosses 2 pcs
Epic Bosses 3 pcs
Chaotic Bosses 3 pcs
GOD Bosses 3 pcs
Gorde 3 pcs
Darion 3 pcs
Reggiesys 3 pcs
Slicing 3 pcs
Tiron 5 pcs
Hellbound Bosses 5 pcs
Immortal Bosses 5 pcs
Behemoth 5 pcs
Hellios 5 pcs
Glakias 7 pcs
Antharas 7 pcs


Skill Changes

 Blessed By Sayha We have added 4 extra levels for the passive. We received feedback of sayha issue, and even though we understand that such issue probably exists for a small amount of players, it only shows that other players will also get there eventually. Because of that, more levels have been added. Also to give you an idea how much the passive improves your sayha consumption, we added a table:

Passive Level Sayha Potions used Sayha Restored
None 10 10%
Lv. 4 10 20%
Lv. 8 10 40%

[Grand Khavatari] Berserker's Rage Skill Cooldown reduced to 120 Sec. Also when the effect ends, Health will drop to 7500 instead of 3000.

[Trickster] Devious Shot Has been slightly re-worked, when attacking the target, it has a chance to apply a debuff Soul Stigma.

[Trickster] Soul Stigma Has been adjusted, debuff now applies up to P./M. Skill Critical Damage -25%. Also Soul Stigma can no longer be learned, it acts as AOE debuff when using Devious Shot skill.



  • A Discount has been added to Brooches / Talisman Bracelet / Agathion Bracelet for adena in L-Coin shop (The discount will last 1 week, until next update)
  • The Special Hunting Ground Aztacan's Temple has been updated, increased the chance to drop Tantar Crystal by x2!
  • Added 4* Sealed Spellbook exchange to Macken NPC
  • Fixed Grand Khavatari 4* passive provided stats
  • Group Dungeon Lv. 80 / 85 / 87 can now be entered by 2 people
  • Killing monsters in Kelbim's Fortress you will now also drop Essence of Aden